Tribal skulls & art

The collector disease 

Many people are probably wondering why do people like to collect stuff like this ? And today I will answer that question . It is not about having a twisted soul or being someone with psychiatric problems like many would say. It’s about passion for anthropology& discovery. I myself , since a young  age always preferred watching documentaries, the learning side to it made me feel like there’s so much things we haven’t discovered yet. I had the collector disease since I could walk, I’ve been collection eraser, Barbie shoes, sticker books and more. When I turned 5 I new right away I wanted to be a geologist and archeologist . My favorite movies was the Goonies & Indiana Jones. My rock collection was everything I could think about , I filled up a room with rocks and knew over 200 different specimen names. At 8, I knew the full periodic table. I think that is what we call being passionate about stuff. After learning everything I could try to learn and studying geology , I started learning about different tribes and their life style.  Then the fascination for skulls came. The way that every culture is dealing with the after-life is mind blowing. Many culture were digging up their ancestor for ceremonies. Some were using skulls of their enemies to scare others. Some tribes were  and other cannibals. And they were not crazy , thats just the way they were used to live. Like many collector I learned so much information I just  want to share with the world. A lot of people always say , how did you get this and it belongs in a museum . Guess what ? every collector dreams is to have a museum where everybody can see theses things. Most things in museum came from people that donated items from their private collection to the museum, a lot of expos are made with people personal collection .  What you collect is a réflexion of things you like. And collection is a beautiful passion 💕.