Facts & Politics

All our specimen are ethically sourced , the skulls and fur used in our art comes from farms , refuges , domestic breeders , antiques & offerings from clients . 

We do as well buy old taxidermy collections & antiques . 

Our Art is inspired by the Victorian era, our frame are custom molded as well as many of our unic products .

For high priced items it is possible to work out a deposit/payment plan.

Deposit aren’t refundable .

We offer shipping for all our products in within Canada. We do not ship wildlife items to the USA anymore , each states has different laws and as we are not international lawyers it is Impossible for us the know all of them, for that reason we do not longer offer taxidermy and skulls even antiques pre-cites piece to the US. The products that do not contain animal part can be shipped internationally, if you would like to inquire about jewelry , stones or skulls replicas you can send us an email and we can process the order. 

For more info you can contact us. 


Note that the bones & animal part products can only be shipped in within Canada . Some products are eligible for exportation permit to Europe. If you live in the US and would like to order non-wildlife items such as jewelry , candles, empty frames & antiques send us a request via : theoldcavernboutique@gmail.com, we are currently working on a website with products that can be available worldwide.